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Engineering company "TEKPRO" carries out works in projecting and building transport objects, objects of pipeline transport, railroads and highways, bridges, artificial structures using environmentally safe technologies, according to requests of the international system of quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and ecological management standards EN ISO 14000.

Building projecting of I and II levels of responsibility is carried out according to state standard of the Russian Federation. The company is ready to offer a full complex of projecting and exploration works on engineering preparation of territories and on engineering protection of cities, settlements and structures against dangerous geological processes, including:

  • Complex engineering-geological and engineering-georiological survey of building platforms;
  • Objects of transport purpose and their complexes;
  • Engineering protection of territories and structures against dangerous geological processes, including, landslide;
  • Engineering preparation of territories for building;
  • Working out sections of project documentation: general layout and transport; technological decisions; architecturally-building decisions; estimate documentation; special sections of the project; functions of the general planner;
  • Projecting of bridges, objects of railway travelling facilities, tunnels, channels, drop shafts, support and platforms under technological pipelines, galleries, unloading railway platforms, pipes, bases of buildings and structures, objects of pipeline transport;
  • Coast-protecting structures on seas, rivers and lakes;
  • Formation of territories using hydro mechanization;
  • Protection of territories against underfloodings and floods;
  • Scientific and technical support of surveys, projecting and building of objects on permafrost soil;
  • Laboratory researches of physic mechanical and thermal physic soil areas.

Engineering company "TEKPRO" uses innovative technologies in carrying out survey works. Own computer technologies with program complexes are created and being used:

  • Forecast flooding of territories considering its building up;
  • Projecting of horizontal tubular and vertical drainage;
  • Modeling of marine coasts site before projecting coast protection structures (waves heights, alongshore current speed, surge);
  • Modeling of projected coast protection structures work;
  • Accounting profile of dynamic balance of an underwater coastal slope;
  • Accounting and projecting ant landslide pile keeping structures;
  • Accounting and projecting of quays made of concrete groove of T-shaped and rectangular profile.
  • Thermo physical accounts;
  • Heat-hydraulic accounts;
  • Projecting and organization of frozen soil monitoring ;
  • The forecast of frozen soil properties change at man-caused loads, and the forecast of dangerous geocriological processes development;
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